Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh the Joys of Vacation

Colorado-Pt. 1
So, we went to Colorado (well, I'm actually still here, but you get the point). We have come here every summer since as long as I can remember. We have all these traditions that we try to keep every time we come, but there are so many, it's hard to cram it all in. Here are some pictures of us chillin in good ole Beaver Creek.

Cordillera. The classic bear statues. The board room. It is still incredible after all these years. Audrey loved the yellow flowers and decided to pick some (um...was she supposed to do that? Sorry. Even so, she's too cute to scold).

We ate at Blue Moose pizza. So good. Audrey and Tyler found a cool fountain and decided to play in it. Audrey ended up getting sprayed in the face. She didn't like it so much after that.

I played in this park every summer when I was little. I still like to play in it, even though I'm not a kid anymore. Kids want to speed up time to adulthood, adults want to turn back time and be kids again. Life's weird, eh?

Yes...I do have the cutest niece and nephew ever to walk (or crawl) this poor kids don't stand a chance.

Well, part II will come soon...if I'm not trying frantically to finish Harry Potter by the time the movie comes out (come to think of it...You might not be getting Part II until after July 15th) . Sorry. Priorities people.