Monday, December 28, 2009

Are You Mad At Me? Are You Sure? Really? Ok

Ok, so this post is about the sad "relationships" that surround us. I was in a store yesterday trying on some clothes and had to listen to the most unbelievable conversation I have probably heard in my life. This girl (we'll just call her Susan) was talking to her boyfriend about the Christmas parties she went to and how they weren't even good because there wasn't much dancing and a couple guys had asked her to slow dance (why she would tell this to her boyfriend that is out of town, I have no idea. STUPID MOVE #1). Then, Susan asks him, "Are you mad at me? Are you sure? Well, ok." (STUPID MOVE #2) Doesn't it make you mad when someone asks if you're mad? Well, it does for me. Then Susan starts getting onto him about not liking to dance. She literally said this, "You never dance with me. I swear, you won't even dance at our wedding. I'm gonna be out there dancing all by my lonesome." (STUPID MOVE #3) Seriously? Ok, why this girl thinks that she is even close to the maturity level of getting married is beyond me. Then comes this line again, "Are you sure you're not mad at me? Really? You just sound like you are. Ok." At this point, he's probably getting a little mad. If he puts up with her, he must be a very patient guy. I would have hung up already. She talks a little bit about what she ate last night (SUSHI!!!) and that she was so hungry the other night that she had to stop at a gas station and pick up a Hot Pocket (Oh, God forbid). Next, Susan talks about how she misses him. "I want you to come home. I was just telling Sarah the other day that I haven't missed you this much in a really long time." (Oh good, at least she missed him a little bit. STUPID MOVE #4. I get what she was trying to say. She just said it wrong.) Ok, you're out of town. Your girlfriend (or boyfriend) is at home. They go to parties. They get mad at you for not wanting to dance (what did I do? I was just spending Christmas with my family). They talk about your future wedding (our future what?). They haven't missed you this much in a REALLY long time (what is that supposed to mean, exactly?). So, to sum it up.....this is a REALLY sad relationship. To make it better, after a very sweet goodbye and asking ONE LAST TIME if he was sure he wasn't mad at her (he definitely is by now), she hangs up the phone and says to her friend, "I can't stand him!" Boy, the honesty in today's relationships blow my mind. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty entertaining, but it's sad. Now, when's that wedding?

This story has nothing to do with college, but I've already titled the others with "COLLEGE STORY #_", and I like uniformity. My family and I were on a plane getting ready to go to back home after a beautiful wedding in Virginia. Tyler (brother) and I were sharing funny stories about weird things that have happened to us. There was a bit of confusion. This is how the conversation went down:

ANNA: Oh my gosh, Tyler, have I ever told you about the West End Starbucks story?
TYLER: Wait, the what?
ANNA: The West End Starbucks story.
TYLER: Are you saying Weston or West End?
ANNA:, West End.
TYLER: Oh! The West End Starbucks?
...5 second pause...
ANNA: So have you heard it?
Tyler: Oh! No.
At this point, the story doesn't really matter. That conversation was incredible enough. I'll tell you anyway though. The story consists of me getting the first Pumpkin Spice latte of the season at Starbucks. I was walking out about to take a sip. A car honked at someone and scared me to death. Well, let's just say that the Pumpkin Spice latte didn't end up in my mouth. Oh well...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Weigh Yourself Everyday for Better Health"....if only more people knew.

Ok, so it's been a while....I apologize for that. Once again, my life has decided to take the bumpy, off-road trail without warning me. School has gotten to be insane. I now know why college students are so crazy...they're sleep deprived, malnourished and over-worked. Alright, it's not that bad, but it's still bad. Today, I'd like to discuss the difference of college from high school. First, the freshman 15. Oh dear...touchy subject. I don't quite understand it, because when I got here, I lost 15 pounds. A little confusing. Then, I got stressed and gained 6...then the stress dialed down and I lost 3. Who knows where I am now. So, if someone asks me how much I weigh, I would honestly say, "I couldn't tell ya." It's a funny thing.
Also, something else that comes with college is the thought that comes with every morning: "Wow, I really don't want to get up. You know...I don't really have to get up. It is my decision. Mom's not here." That's when you get in trouble. But, surprisingly, students seem to come to class. Although, some of them are still in pajamas. Great effort, folks.
So, I'm taking the class "Introduction to Mathmatecal Reasoning". I can truthfully say that I will never use this in my life. Unless, of course, I run into a problem like this: "Hmmm...I have 52 cards in a deck...golly I wonder...just what would happen if I drew a 7 of hearts? What percentage of hearts are left? I must find out." Probability of a question like that making it's way into my brain: probably close to zero, unless college really does make me go crazy. Scary thought. Well, more comparison between college and high school in the next post and when I'm more awake and don't have to write 2 papers.

Ok, so this wasn't AT college, but I still count it because I was doing homework. I left my house one day to go to Startbucks to watch a movie for school. As I was going down the driveway I looked down and realized that there was a tear in my really nice jeans in the inner left thigh. I thought "Well, darn, my favorite pair of jeans. Oh well, nobody will notice." I got to Starbucks and sat on one of the "comfy chairs" (the ones that are squishy and nice). I was having a difficult time trying to balance the computer on my knees, while trying to eat and drink my Caramel Macchiato. I spotted an open table. "Awesome". So, I sat down on one of the hard wood chairs and I just felt the cold of the wood...I mean REALLY felt it. "Oh no". The one tear I saw unfortunately was not the only one. There was another hole that stretched across the back of about half my thigh. All I kept thinking was "How the heck do I get out of here?". So, I tried to pull my sweater down and walk strangely. I finally got out hoping no one saw me. I walked quickly to my car and of course, someone I knew was sitting right out front. At this point I didn't really care. True story.

P.S. If you're wondering about the title of this post, I saw it on one of those scales that are in mall and gas station bathrooms..the ones you have to pay to weigh yourself on...and I thought "Well, that seems ridiculous. So, you're saying that if I simply weigh myself everyday, I'll be healthy? Amazing".

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh, The Joys of Dating

Dating is a weird thing. It's sometimes fun, sometimes horrible, and sometimes necessary. I don't know if you've ever been on a blind date. I've been on 2. Some people would say that I'm crazy, gutsy, or desperate. You are free to think what you like. Well, the first one wasn't bad at all. We actually dated for a while. Now, the second one...that's a different story. This date was fairly recent. I've learned the hard way that if I'm totally myself, the guy usually runs away....FAST. It's ok though, because I'll find a guy one day that loves me when I'm myself....right? A girl can only hope. Here's a lesson I learned that I'm going to share with you. 5 Things You DO NOT Do on a Blind Date (or any date now that I think of it): 1) Do not open up the conversation with this line,"I know 25 different ways to kill someone with a dagger." That would scare just about anybody, but it kind of came out in a moment of panic. Don't judge. 2) Don't talk about your ex-boyfriend. Common mistake. Just don't make it again. 3) Don't stare at your date the WHOLE time to the point where they're afraid that you're reading their mind. Maybe you are...still, you should be able to conceal it fairly well. 4) Don't try to fish for's annoying and let's just face's sad. Also, guys can sense that in a second. If they want to compliment you, they will...if not, just let it go. 5) Last, but not least, if you're at a Chinese restaurant, don't use chopsticks if you don't know how. You'll be too busy trying to figure out how these darn things work, miss everything your date is trying to tell you, and you'll look like an idiot. Sorry to be so blunt. Life's tough....get a helmet. So, I guess dating teaches you important things, like how to treat a human being, and makes for some entertaining stories. And, if you were wondering how I know all these things...let's just say I've learned from personal experience. Sad, I know.
So, to conclude today's blog, I will leave you will a marvelous quote from a friend's mom instead of a story...because, this blog was kind of a story in itself.

"Men are like buses. You may miss one, but another one comes every 15 minutes." -Lynnette Lynsdey

Just remember that quote the next time you ruin a's going to be ok.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Plans it really hit me today that I'm in college. College, the golden prize I had always imagined myself getting to in life. That was it. It's like, that's the goal. I realized that now that I'm here, what next? I just assumed that I would have this grand epiphany once I got here and I would know exactly what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life. Well, I'm here, and college hasn't given me the slightest clue what to do next. I'm still waiting for instructions...because, isn't that what we have had our entire lives? INSTRUCTIONS. Ok...instructions...where are they? you're telling me that I have to decide what to do ON MY OWN? I just thought it would be like: 1)Go to college 2)Find your career 3)Graduate 4)Do the thing you have studied for for 4 years 5)Get married 6)Have kids 7) Live happily ever after. Yeah, NOT that easy. If I've learned anything from college so far, it's that plans almost ALWAYS fail. LIFE WILL PLAY GAMES WITH YOU. Life: "Oh yeah, you think things are going well, huh? Ok, we'll see how you feel once I keep every guy away from you FOREVER. *evil laugh*". I might be a bit dramatic. That's because I'm tired. I guess I've learned to expect the unexpected. That's the only thing we can really do. And now for the story you've been waiting for.

Ok, so this was about 2 weeks ago. This would happen to me right as I'm starting college. I was trying to find a grocery store because we needed milk for our dorm (cereal is about all we have in here). So, I found this place called The Apple Market. I pulled in (not gonna lie, a little shady). I walked in, found the milk, and walked up to check out. This guy walked up behind me. All the sudden I hear, "Do you go to church?" in a kind of loud voice. I turn around, and the guy is just standing there, a little too close honestly. I'm not going to be mean, so I'll just say that he looked like he hadn't showered in a while. I answered, "Me? Yeah, I go to church." He paused for a couple seconds. "I'm just a Jesus Freak! I can't help it! Man, people just HATE me for loving God!" Keep in mind....VERY LOUD. I seriously didn't know how to respond to that. I mean, I really do love God, but this dude is the kind of person that gives Christians a bad name. I kind of nodded and got the heck out of there. I'm not sure how exactly I get in these situations, but they seem to follow me a lot. But then again, how boring would my life be without these situations? Pretty dull.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blogs I was so motivated to write at least every few days, and what happened? I went off to college and got busy...a likely story. This is what happens to me-I get this great idea or story to write a blog about, but it's always when I'm the farthest away from the computer-but when I'm sitting in front of a computer....NOTHING. It really is the strangest thing. So, I thought today-why not just get on blogspot and write about whatever pops into my head? This could go one of two ways-my thoughts and happenings of the day could be just about the dullest thing you have ever read, and then you will stop reading my blog altogether-OR-you could find my thoughts interesting and one of those things where "it shouldn't be entertaining, but it is". Well, decide for yourself. Being the busy bee that I am, I need a place to let it all out. I really do have hilarious things happen to me almost daily. I'll leave you with an appetizer for today.

So, this was about 2 or 3 days after I moved into college...well, after I was supposed to move in. I stayed at my house for a few days before actually living at school because I had some health issues. Ok, back to the story. I couldn't find a parking space, so I had to park in the parking garage, which is a pretty long walk to my dorm. I had a bunch of stuff that I brought from home with me. I was carrying a big suitcase, a gym bag, and a Whole Foods bag filled with stuff. It was VERY heavy (and I'm weak). So, I was struggling to my dorm, but of course I didn't want it to seem that way, so I was trying to look like " don't worry, I do this everyday". I was walking across this turn-around thing in the road. I passed a guy talking on the phone, probably talking to his girlfriend. I get to the center of the road, which is perfectly lit (of course), and the Whole Foods bag breaks open and ALL of the stuff I crammed in there goes EVERYWHERE. I seriously almost made it to my dorm. It was horrible. So, the guy with the cell phone comes over and helps me and a group of people run over as well. I just hear the guy on the cell phone say "Yeah, sorry this girl dropped her stuff everywhere". I was mortified. Everyone helped me get everything back into bags and this guy actually helped me carry everything up to my room. So, it turns out, there are a few gentlemen left out there ladies. Thank God.

Preview for next blog: Apple Market/Jesus Freak.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh the Joys of Vacation

Colorado-Pt. 1
So, we went to Colorado (well, I'm actually still here, but you get the point). We have come here every summer since as long as I can remember. We have all these traditions that we try to keep every time we come, but there are so many, it's hard to cram it all in. Here are some pictures of us chillin in good ole Beaver Creek.

Cordillera. The classic bear statues. The board room. It is still incredible after all these years. Audrey loved the yellow flowers and decided to pick some (um...was she supposed to do that? Sorry. Even so, she's too cute to scold).

We ate at Blue Moose pizza. So good. Audrey and Tyler found a cool fountain and decided to play in it. Audrey ended up getting sprayed in the face. She didn't like it so much after that.

I played in this park every summer when I was little. I still like to play in it, even though I'm not a kid anymore. Kids want to speed up time to adulthood, adults want to turn back time and be kids again. Life's weird, eh?

Yes...I do have the cutest niece and nephew ever to walk (or crawl) this poor kids don't stand a chance.

Well, part II will come soon...if I'm not trying frantically to finish Harry Potter by the time the movie comes out (come to think of it...You might not be getting Part II until after July 15th) . Sorry. Priorities people.